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We support the Early Years 0 - 6 strategy which values play and children’s experience in the early years and recognise that the early years of a child’s life have a powerful influence on the rest of their lives and therefore they should be given opportunities to develop to their full potential.

We are very fortunate to have an extensive outdoor area which includes a soft play area with swings, slide and climbing apparatus, a gardening and construction area and a large patio area for children to run freely and ride bikes and trikes.

Since 2001, we have gained a reputation for the balanced approach that we take towards the care of children aged between 3 months to 11 years old.

Our aim is to provide a safe, stimulating and caring environment for all the children in our care. We aim to remove the worry parents feel when leaving their children during the day by offering professional and caring staff who work as part of a team with you, the parent. We ensure that all your child's needs will be met and that all areas of learning are developed through play and the introduction of new experiences.

• Care for children aged 3 months to 11 years old

• Staff trained to help children with all their needs

• Early Years Organisation member

• Large outdoor play area with soft play surface

• Premises monitored with CCTV

• 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating

• Dedicated team of staff with low staff turnover

• Small groups of children

• Meets all health and safety and fire standards

• Registered and inspected by SS

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Friendly and caring children's nursery in Bangor, County Down

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